What Are The Effects Of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy On Your Credit?

Before filing a Chapter 7 case, you should learn as much as you can about bankruptcy. What benefits does Chapter 7 offer for your debts? How long will it take? How will it affect your credit? Asking about the effects it has on your credit is a wise question to discuss with your bankruptcy attorney as it can help you determine if you should file. Here are some of the effects that you can expect with your credit if you use Chapter 7 bankruptcy. [Read More]

Filing For Chapter 11 Bankruptcy? Be Sure To Do These 4 Things

If you are getting close to filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, there are a lot of things that need to be done before you get all your paperwork submitted. Here is a list of important things to do before you officially file. File Before Any Negative Actions Are Taken Against You Being in debt can lead to a lot of tough situations to be in. There may be a judgment against you where your wages are garnished, or you are given an eviction notice from your home or apartment. [Read More]